Monday, October 27, 2014

Senior Project Descriptions

"I want to feed hungry people"
Josie, Mark, Natalia, Lonnie, and Maria

I want to learn to cook simple and delicious foods, and practice until I am good at it.  Can we cook with the special needs students every week, then plan a couple of events for the community, where we cook a big dinner, and people just show up, get a good meal, and share time together?

Food, family, and community are so entwined, that this project is a natural.  Students involved will research recipes with increasing degrees of challenge, and each take a lead role week to week. Shopping, prepping, leading a group of collaborating students through a cook, then reflecting, scrap booking, and planning a series of special community events to highlight their yearlong work in celebrations.

Specific Training =                                              $750.00
30 weeks of recipes X $25.00 per week =           $750.00
Special Events $500 X 3 =                                   $1500.00

"I want to build literacy in Pre-k and Kindergarten children"
Amelia, Jordan, Edward

I want to help young kids learn to read and enjoy words, more than I do.  I have such a hard time sitting still with a book, and understanding what is happening, and I want my little cousins and nieces and nephews to be better readers than I am.

Each week students in this senior project will select appropriate children's books, design exciting lessons, and read aloud to elementary school children.  Business letters and interviews with district teachers will open classroom opportunities, and lead students will be responsible for planning, and executing an entire lesson plan based on the book they have chosen.  Students will also have the opportunity to write and publish their own children's book, based on the lessons learned throughout this project.

Transportation =                                                $1000.00
25 children's books X $20.00 each =                $500.00
publishing cost 100 copies X $10.00 =             $1000.00

"I want to learn to build a car from the ground up"
Tommy and Jason

I have always loved and been fascinated by cars.  I go to weekly meetings with a group of "car guys" just to look at and listen to all the amazing modifications people have made.  When I put my hands on projects, I learn better.  Engines, transmissions, etc make sense to me in a way that history books and lab reports never have.  I want to learn to do this and keep on doing it for the rest of my life.

Students who have chosen this as their senior project will develop secure and appropriate space to store and work on building a vehicle from the ground up.  Bondo and sanding, righty-tighty/lefty-loosey, compression and timing are some of the ways they will spend some of their academic time during the next 30 weeks.  Ultimately they would like to register and drive this vehicle before auctioning it off, and donating all proceeds to the continued funding of Multiple Pathways programs and projects, so that other students will have the same opportunities they are getting now.

Acquisition of parts, tools, and expert mentoring =     $2500.00
Development of Space =                                              $1000.00
"I want to learn to design professional and athletic clothing"
Donald, Mike, and Chelsea

"We have a dress code that a lot of student's aren't happy about.  Big businesses make multi-millions of dollars from charging us high prices for products that are made in terrible factories in places that don't treat their workers very well.  Why can't we come up with something affordable, made in this country, that looks good, and serves a purpose?"

Students in working on this product will develop and market a clothing line of their own design. They will make this clothing available to students, and ensure that it meets the needs of students stylistically, affordably, and within the confines of the dress code.  Proceeds from sales will fund students who cannot afford appropriate clothing, and students in that situation need just ask, and appropriate clothing will be given.

Technology upgrade costs =                          $1000.00
1st run of stock =                                           $1000.00
2nd run of stock =                                          $500.00
3rd run of stock =                                           $250.00
future costs absorbed by sales

"I want to plan and run special events so kids around here have something positive to look forward to"
Jack, Diane, and Will

Years ago, we used to have a community center with a gym, a pool, game tables, and now it's closed. The library is hardly ever open, and there is nothing to do, so people just stay in their houses and go on their phones.  Why can't we have fun tournaments, like dodge ball, whiffleball, futsal, etc, that don't cost a lot of money, but are fun for everyone.

These young people want to impact their community in such a positive way.  By engaging the minds and bodies of kids in the neighborhood, and giving back.  The mentoring, organizing skill, and human connections will serve these students for their entire lives, and also impact the next generation of young people.

Professional Sound System =                            $1000.00
Uniforms, $10.00 X 100 =                                $1000.00
supplies, equipment, space development          $1000.00

Total cost of projects =                                    $15,0000.00      

*students names have been changed
please stay tuned for project updates

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